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Short guides for filtering data
 * Double click on a selected value will enforce the Submit action, so no need to click on the button Submit.
 1. Search by one of the given parametars.
 2. With every submit, the choices in the search list boxes will be updated (filtered).
 3. In the brackets you can find the number of products that are available.
 4. Decide by yourself what the most important feature for you is.
 ? Search field Your activity Description 
  Search  Just Click  hiting this button will enforce the conditions you have entered and the application should show you the results. 
  Back to previous  Just Click will take you one page (one filter or condition), back. Like hitting the BACK button. 
  Clear Just Click  Clear all previous filtering conditions.
  New   Check, then hit SEARCH.  Newest products, from the last 7 days. 
  Discounted  Check, then hit SEARCH. For filtering only products that have discounted prices.
  All search fields  Check, then hit SEARCH.  If you would like to search by additinal fields-classifications. 
  Records per page Select the SEARCH Number of records per one page